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Conference Recording

MBS provides conference audio recording and on-site MP3, cd audio & USB Stick (mp3) service at conventions & meetings nationwide. The USB Stick & D-ROM contains all available audio and/or video along with any available session handouts & power points. These media's also contains association news and links to important association information. This is a great education learning tool.

For a sample, click the HERE.

This service provides conference recordings of sessions minutes after they
conclude. These recordings can reinforce what you heard or missed. They are
the live presentations heard earlier, not prerecorded!

In most cases, we rely 100% on the sales to your members. If the past sales
are not available, a guarantee of sales will be needed. The on-site
guarantee is for recordings sold on-site, during the conference. After the
guarantee is reached, on-site or post-conference, a royalty payable to the
association or sponsoring organization, is provided.

The tape or cd price average is $8.00 - $15.00. The average USB Stick package and/or DVD-Rom cost is determine pre-conference when the audio form is completed but usually around $159.00 - $299 depending on content.

MBS will provide the two complimentary audio sets to the organization. We develop the audio/or video recording form, labels and insert (for the storage case albums) customized to your association. This is our standard service!

When you need quality recordings of your conference, seminar or convention, be sure to call MBS at 855-224-2537 ext 103.


For more information, please contact
Geoff Lawrence at 1-855-224-2537 ext. 103 or
e-mail: Geoff Lawrence.

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