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CD-ROM Product

Our conference CD-ROM could be a great  product for you this year. We offer two types of CD-ROMs.  The first style is our Handout CD-ROM.  THe Handout CD-ROM eliminates those 1000 of pages of printing and saves you a bundle.     The Handout CD-ROM is a great sponsorship product.  We can also put the handouts online in a very professional interactive menu format.   Our conference CD-ROM  contain all of the recorded sessions on MP3 format along with any available PowerPoint Presentations or Handouts that the organization can provide. (Up to 60 hours of material in most cases on one CD-ROM.) The CD-ROM can only be played on a computer. The MP3 files can be downloaded to your portable MP3 player and if you have a CD-Burner you can actually make copies of your own CDs to be played in your automobile or standard CD player.  The conference CD-ROM is offered to the attendees at a price that is to low to turn down by many of the attendees.  The conference CD-ROM is proving to be the #1 conference recording product this year!  In many cases our CD-ROM increasd sales  by 10-20%
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