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Lawrence Media Group provides the following services:


  • Audio and video recording of conferences
  • Onsite duplication and sales
  • CD, CD-ROM, DVD and internet platforms
  • Bulk duplication and custom packaging
  • Custom on-hold messages
  • Website Design and Hosting


We audio record sessions using MP3 digital recorders and make sessions available on CD or CD-ROM.  Click here to see a CD-ROM sample.   We can also post sessions on the Internet and synchronize the slides with the audio.   Some sessions are great for video.  We can video record sessions and edit them as needed offering them online or on DVD.  We provide our services on a sales or fee basis. 


LMG can also develop audio and video programs and produce copies in bulk in a variety of packaging options.  We offer full service editing and production.  Check out our video portfolio by clicking here.





In 1975 Richard and Josephine Lawrence founded Lawrence Media Group (formerly Nationwide Recording Service, Inc.) in Overland Park, Kansas. 31 years ago audio cassettes were very new on the market and eight track tapes were still the leading media. Most consumers at the time still had eight track players in their car so we also had to sell audio adapters, which allowed the new small cassettes to play in the old 8 track players. Over 25 years later those same small audio cassettes that replaced vinyl records and 8 track media were replaced by compact disc (CD). And now 30 years later the CD is being joined by MP3 techology.

Josephine Lawrence retired in 1988 and her two twin son's, Jonathan and Geoffrey Lawrence, joined the company. Each had a specific area of responsibility but at the same time all three wore many hats to get the jobs done and take care of the customers. With the addition of the two son's the company experienced significant and steady growth. In 1994 the company relocated to Dallas, Texas and is officed in the Las Colinas Studios Communication Complex.

Over the years the company evolved from an audio production firm into a multimedia production company offering solutions that are only limited by your imagination.

The three Lawrence's are still running the company and continuously are trying to take the company from good to great, from great to better, and from better to best.

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Lawrence Media Group, LLC is dedicated to achieving excellence in all of its endeavors and providing this excellence in innovative multimedia marketing solutions that will help businesses grow, better service there customers and increase their bottom line.
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